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The One Choice

Buying a building to expand your business is overwhelming. There are so many choices: financing options; government incentives to save you money; real estate tax abatements; energy reductions; relocation grants; and on and on.

We at City One understand that running a small business means having to make decisions that can make or break your company. Dealing with financing a relocation, expansion and renovation can be rather difficult when you spend most of your time running your business operations. City One specializes in assisting you with:

  • 90% owner-occupied SBA 504, 7A and conventional real estate financing
  • IDA NYC, NJ and local economic development incentive programs
  • New York City ICAP property tax abatements and exemptions
  • New York City Relocation Employment Assistance Program tax credits ( REAP)
  • Energy discounts – ECSP and others

City One has over 30 years experience helping companies save money in their business relocation and expansions using city, state and local incentives. We will analyze the programs, structure, negotiate, arrange and work with you to complete all the paperwork, and work with your accountant, attorney or architect to structure the most advantageous deal with the best financing and incentives programs to match your particular needs and requirements.

The principals of City One have been actively engaged in New York City economic development since 1976. During this time city one has distinguished themselves from their competition by delivering reliable and quote "as promised" results. Known for their hands on approach, and attention to detail, City One has a strong network throughout the 5 boroughs. In fact, many competitive industrial real estate brokers use the services of City One for their own client needs.

In 1997, Robert Morel co-founded City One Real Estate. Since then, City One, has provided proactive and effective support to its clientele. Utilizing innovative ideas, City One's results oriented strategies have successfully helped their clients grow and expand even through the financial crisis of 2007 to 2010.