City One Commercial Real Estate & Financing

J & J
Johnson Co.

"Rob was very helpful in getting us the New York City IDA Straight Lease benefits and coordinating with our bankers so we could acquire our new headquarters and production shop. He really knew his stuff and maximized our benefits package."

Fine Gifts

"Rob was a real mensch! He was very professional and worked very quickly with the SBA and the first  mortgage lender so my financing could be approved and closed within the tight time frame required by the contract."

Props Inc.

"Dear Rob,thank you for yesterday, tomorrow and the next day… I could not have gotten this far without you! I remember when the banker who referred me to you said  "Rob can put this deal together for you and… I think you will like him"! He was right on both counts!"


"Very professional personalized service with good expertise and connections with the government agencies."


"Since 2001, City One Associates has assisted Baco Bolts expand several times buying several industrial real estate properties in the South Bronx and taking advantage of 25 year IDA real estate abatements and reductions, energy reductions, and other city economic development benefits."