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Buying the building to expand your business is overwhelming. There are so many choices: conventional financing, tax exempt bonds, or SBA type financing options; government incentives to save you money; real estate tax abatements; energy reductions; relocation grants, on and on. You only need to contact one source to maximize your financing, incentive and benefits package and that is City One Associates.

The One Choice

We at City One understand that running a small business means having to make decisions that can make or break your company. Dealing with financing can also be rather difficult when you spend most of your time running your business. We specialize in assisting you with:

  • Conventional real estate financing
  • 90% owner occupied 
  • SBA 504 and 7A
  • IDA NYC, NJ and local economic development incentive programs
  • New York City ICAP property tax abatements and exemptions
  • New York City Relocation Employment Assistance Program tax credits ( REAP)
  • Energy discounts – ECSP and others

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City One is a commercial real estate sales and service firm specializing in all industrial property sales and rentals, including factories, warehouses, distribution facilities, mixed-use, commercial buildings, and mini-storage facilities. City One has considerable experience with New Jersey industrial facilities.

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City One is a full service industrial and commercial brokerage firm that specializes in properties in Queens, Brooklyn, and the Bronx. City One provides "one-stop shopping" with a full range of economic development consulting services such as SBA 504 and 7A programs, relocation grants, tax exempt bond financing, energy discounts, IDA straight lease incentives and more.

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